I am a lifelong resident of Nashville, Tennessee. I envision this blog being a collection of my thoughts, inspiration, rants, musings, tall tales and historical recollections. It seems sometimes I just have to get it out so bear with me a bit. I have set up different pages for my interests so you might more easily avoid what you don’t like.

The “Home” page is primarily for my thought of the week

The “Nashville Local” page is largely historical about my beloved city and the neighborhood in which I grew-up.

The “Tall Tales” page contains stories, some true some apocryphal, but which I thought were too good not to share.

The “Devotions” page is where I share with the world my thoughts on my faith in Jesus Christ.

I hope you will visit them all and find joy and enlightenment.


2 Responses to About

  1. Pete Horton says:

    Good morning. We love your blog and I’m also an old guy (born 1931), from Woodland-in-Waverly Neighborhood, and we (my wife and I) are members of SNAP..We publish Google newsgroups for our neighborhood, Metro District 17, and “Nashville Neighborhoods Newsgroup” for activists in neighborhood association. I think you would enjoy the Dist. 17 and city-wide neighborhoods groups. In any event we ought to have a coffee or more sometime soon; where do you go for that over there?

    P.S. We had a great Night Out group of about 50 neighbors but only 1 police officer. Did you have police, fire and EMTs at your Night Out?

    • Yes, in fact we had several police officers there (I think they heard I was going to sing and came to save humanity). I thank you for you kind comments. I’ve kept your information and will try to contact you next week.

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