I am often reminded of the silliness of style. A look or a color catches the attention of some known person and suddenly that look becomes all the rage for a short while, until it is replaced by something else and the previous thing becomes passe and uncool. In my sixty plus years on this planet I’ve seen this happen with regularity.

A few years ago a comedian appearing on a late night talk show, somewhere in Europe, wore as head gear a kettle from which the bottom had been removed causing a sensation the next day as all the stores were besieged by people wanting to by a hat like the one the comedian wore and even buying out the supplies of kettles from the stores and removing the bottoms to make their own hats. I’ve often wondered what happened to all those kettles.

In my teen years people my age became captivated with wild patterns, strange garish colors, extravagant hairstyles and headgear.4-Sensational-hippie-cult-in-60sWe were trying out our freedom and the stranger the better. Some of our experiments still hold over today but looking at the old photographs from that time is largely just embarrassing. But the experiences of one generation rarely inform the styles of another. The modern person seeking to be stylish still goes to all manner of ridiculous lengths make himself stand out, by wearing the same things the people he wishes to stand out from wear. The wearing of low-hanging pants and of the sales tags on hats are some of the modern expressions of style. Distressing or amusing to many of my generation, but to me somehow strangely familiar.stringbeanMinnie Pearl

Oh Well!



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I am a Christian, Writer, Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Musician, Actor, Philosopher, Artist, Husband, Brother, Father, Grandfather and a lifetime resident of Nashville, Tennessee.
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