Planetary Speculations

I love thinking about other planets. In the news today I read about extrasolar planet Gilese 1214b (also known as GJ 1214b) and that it might have water on it. Now of course this planet, larger than our Earth, is much closer to its sun so if water exists there at all it would be in the form of steam.

I read about another extrasolar planet that scientists believe they know the actual color of, cobalt blue. Of course this planet too is very near its sun, in our solar system it would be well within the orbit of Mercury, and could even rain molten glass.

To speculate on what might be out there I find endlessly intriguing. Being a writer and lover of science fiction myself I have always had great fun concocting new worlds and new conditions to experience in my mind. The possibilities are anything one might imagine and then make-up a way for them to exist. It has long been a pre-sleep exercise to promote relaxation. Mankind will likely never go to an extrasolar planet. The distances are too vast, the technology too daunting, the reward too small, but nothing stops me traveling there when I wish in my mind.


About nashvillewanderinround

I am a Christian, Writer, Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Musician, Actor, Philosopher, Artist, Husband, Brother, Father, Grandfather and a lifetime resident of Nashville, Tennessee.
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