Toward Straightening the Record

I am a Christian and am unashamed about it. But this posting is not about that, I usually reserve my thoughts on that subject for my Devotions page. But I think we Christians are being maligned. I frequently hear it said that we hate sex. I don’t and don’t know any Christians who do. We do say that sex should have its context and outside of that context it shouldn’t happen if that seems negative to you then so be it. What I’m commenting on is that far and away all the negative things I hear about sex come from those outside of the faith. For example, those who use the F-Bomb. I hear it a lot in the media and the workplace and 99% of the time the context is negative. Friends, words mean things. Someone who is angered will say ““F-Bomb” you”  saying in effect that it is a negative thing. As an adjective someone will say “that “F-Bomb”ing thing” again, as a way of expressing disgust. And all the different ways it is used again, 99% of the time it is used negatively. If you feel so extremely negative about sex fine, I guess. Only don’t credit your negative attitudes against Christians.


About nashvillewanderinround

I am a Christian, Writer, Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Musician, Actor, Philosopher, Artist, Husband, Brother, Father, Grandfather and a lifetime resident of Nashville, Tennessee.
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