Long Ago, Far Away

This history project I’m working on for my old neighborhood has become quite a large consumer of time. There are a so many things to try to include and mention. The two movies that had scenes filmed here. The first steam locomotive in Nashville, Tennessee made its first trial run to this community. One of the state’s notable disasters occurred here. Three country music stars lived here and so on. And then there is the search for photographs. I do so enjoy and highly recommend our Tennessee State Library and Archives online digital collection. The problem is, it is so interesting you get caught there and spend hours.

When I presented my initial PowerPoint to the community group it was well received and I am even getting offers to do it again. So I have decided to expand it with notes and essays and make it a book on the old neighborhood as a fundraiser for the community group, I’ve been hard at ever since.  Oh well, it is a project I volunteered to do and even with the frustrations it is pretty enjoyable. I am hoping to get all my research and writing finished in the next couple of weeks so I can get on with the next bit. Meanwhile, I suppose I need to get back to it, I’ll keep you posted.



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I am a Christian, Writer, Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Musician, Actor, Philosopher, Artist, Husband, Brother, Father, Grandfather and a lifetime resident of Nashville, Tennessee.
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